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Bee Removal from inside of a tree


outside of a tree, under a tree, is a very interesting process. Bees typically like to move inside of a space in order to regulate their temperature. When they move inside of a tree it is typically after a critter has moved out, or another beehive was there previously. Either way the bees move inside of live trees causing a large problem for the landowner. When bees are inside of a tree they will fill the space in time, they usually go unnoticed, and can send out swarms of bees (a new set of bees with the old queen that is looking for a new home). This can happen 2-3 times a year from 1 hive in Arizona. Not only can bees be saved from inside of the tree, but the baby bees, honey comb, and even the tree can all be saved during a bee removal. We will discuss the process and myths surround bee removals from a tree.

Bees love trees

Bees will live on the outside of trees, since the canopy provides a good amount of covering, shade from the sun and protection from changing weather. We’ve removed bee hives as large as a 55 gallon drum hanging outside of trees multiple times. This is a very interesting sight, but equally interesting is bees that move inside of trees. They will either move right inside of the trunk or large hallow branch, or they will move into the root system of the tree UNDERNEATH the ground! We have videos showing us reaching 4 feet underneath the base of an olive tree on our YouTube channel. This happens more often than you would think.

Why the bees love trees

Bees have an affinity for trees for all the reasons mentioned above, but also because they provide a lot of insulation from the cold and heat. They also provide a very large area for them to build their hive. The hallow parts of trees tends to travel along the trunk, the branches and down into the root system. They also collet propolis from flowers. Propolis is a substance that bees utilize to create a glue like substance that they use to seal all the cracks in their home. The trees also tend to produce a lot of nectar if they are fruit baring trees. Bees can be lazy and tend to just want to go out the front door and find their source of food.

I heard bees cannot be successfully saved from inside of trees?

This is a myth. Anyone who spreads this kind of information is either a very inexperienced in bee removal or an exterminator. The inexperienced person just hasn’t taken the time to learn how to properly remove bees from a tree while keep the tree alive, and the exterminator spreads this information usually because they are ignorant or they want your repeat business. Bees can be removed from any space and safely relocated, it’s all about Call Bee Swarm Removal Phoenix to get the job done right.

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